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Do you want to excel in life, equipped with tools that only 0.1% of society has?

If so, you are at the right place and Karl de Leeuw invites you to follow the plan he listened to that includes tools that he’d never heard of before.

The most used coaching model is GROW

grow coaching model

Would it not be powerful to become your own coach to enable you to set your own goals, pick your own reality, select your own options, and do what you want within a clearly defined set of steps?

99.9% of people underestimate their potential and then set too small a goal or mission for themselves.

The key to going for it BIG is starting with small steps but, critically, to earn the knowledge the below tools give you. You have to have the right tools if you go BIG! Just as a plumber needs to have the correct tools they can take out of the toolbox to do the job at hand.

Karl provides you FREE OF CHARGE the tools you need in his short mini-documentary, How to go for it BIG!

A one-off, one-hour life coaching session with Karl can help you further to go SOLO and go BIG. This helpful mentoring session includes:

  1. If you know something is holding you back, Karl can help you unlock this something to allow you to go for it BIG! Karl studied at the College of Psychic Studies in London and now communicates with the Creator via automatic writing. Karl invites you to test the Creator’s power and unlock that something which is holding you back.
  2. In the coaching world, they use the Wheel of Life.
    Karl will provide you with a set of ten questions about each of the seven areas of life. So a total of seventy questions to guide you to dream as BIG as you want to and provide you with a brief “Master Plan for Life”. These questions are aimed at waking up the area in life where you can excel most. Only you can do this, by sitting in front of a computer and taking the time to think each question through. You need to answer these questions in advance of your chat with Karl and you only need to share your overall score with Karl and, importantly, the goals & missions you set yourself at the end (after you’ve worked out what area of life you will most excel in).
    wheel of life
  3. To overcome the pressures family and friends will put on you once you think BIG and set these enormous goals/missions, you will need affirmations. Think of these as planting flowers in your mind. Karl will provide you with the fifty affirmations he started with and invite you to choose seven, then author your own three affirmations. Having ten powerful affirmations that you read out loud each day is the number one key to going BIG! Ask and you will receive.


Karl brought the 12 topics in his mini-documentaries to the world via the butterfly effect, and he achieved this by following the above plan. The biggest mission Karl set himself was to uncover the mystery of the universe – and he achieved this mission in seven years. Karl set out his discoveries in his YouTube mini-documentary Creator vs God.

Lifecoaching with Karl

To schedule a one-off, never to be repeated, one-hour Zoom chat with Karl for $50 and to be provided with the following tools, please click the booking link, below.

  • Psychic reading to unlock possible childhood issues
  • Seventy powerful questions to allow you to have a brief “Master Plan for Life” to ascertain what area in life you can fly highest
  • Fifty affirmations Karl used to allow you to come up with your own ten powerful affirmations
  • Mentoring by Karl to allow you to think really BIG!

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