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Now that you have experienced the power of perception why don’t you join me for some startling news?

It took me 7 years of research to discover the below information along with many other facts and, at bottom of the page, you can link to arguably some of the three biggest whistle-blower web sites the world has ever seen.

1) The History of Man on Earth: The Pleiadians tell us that it has been 626 billion years since the formation of the gas ball that eventually became the planet Earth. Most of that time has been spent evolving spiritual energy into a physical world that can sustain life. However, it has only been during the past 400 to 500 million years that human life on Earth has been detected. Modern science believes that Homo Sapiens (wise man) first appeared around the Mediterranean about 500,000 years ago, and it’s only been in the last 6,000 years or so that details of any kind have been recorded.
Our current civilization has been but a brief period in the long history of Earth.

2) Myth-making in the Bible: Just a few short years ago such a book would have been unthinkable. Jews and Christians alike regard myth as the antithesis of revealed religion.

The thesis upon which this book is predicated is that myth is one of the chief mediums by which biblical writers did their theologizing. Rather than trying to read myth out of the Bible, as many in the past have done, I intend to demonstrate that myth permeates virtually every layer of biblical tradition from the earliest to the latest. Texts from all periods and virtually every literary genre reveal that biblical writers re-purposed old myths, extending their meanings in novel ways to express new theological insights and ideas.

3) Those who believed and left their homes for the sake of the Creator and strove in the cause of the Creator with their wealth and their lives have the highest rank in the sight of the Creator – And it is they who shall triumph.

4) All must learn to love themselves FIRST: from this state of mind all else flows. The more you love yourselves, the more love you have to give to others. It is like a cup that is always full. The cup that overflows is the cup of divine love that spills out into the universe, touching the robes of all others.

5) What is the difference between meditation and prayer? When we pray, we talk to the Creator (to the Light). When we meditate, the Light talks to us.

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Author and Campaigner, Karl de LeeuwAuthor Karl de Leeuw is one of the world’s leading campaigners of

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  2. Climate change via the reduction of atmospheric methane and healthy eating via the Seagan diet
  3. Retaining the right-hemisphere gift of dyslexia


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Karl was taught (after many years of raising his vibration) to communicate with the Creator via automatic writing.

We being the computers; the angels being the servers and the Creator being the mainframe computer.

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